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With every edition, we bring you exclusive content about choosing and using Chef Rubber products in your journey to culinary success.
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  • Moulding Culinary Magic!
    Here’s everything you need to know about our selection of silicone mould products.
  • What Is Isomalt?
    Learn all about our Granular Isomalt and what you can do with it!
  • Couverture vs. Compound
    Get the scoop on all things chocolate in this, our 16th blog entry!
  • Natural Colors
    Tint your creations, naturally, with all the options from Chef Rubber!
  • Types Of Sugar
    Learn all about the sweet life with this blog entry, which focuses sharply on all the sweetener options available at Chef Rubber.
  • Powdered Flavoring
    This blog is for all the experimental cooks, gourmet manufacturers, and anyone who wants a more convenient way to add powerful flavors, additional nutrients and color into their culinary creations.
  • Liquid and Powder Flavorings
    Here’s all you need to know about the options we offer in liquid and powder flavoring possibilities.
  • Introduction To Airbrush
    Augment your knowledge of this most intriguing method of coloring your creations!
  • Metallic Food Colors and Finishing Touches
    Dynamic decor directives await you in this most metal of all our blog posts yet!
  • Non-toxic & Edible Shimmer Powders
    In this entry, we glitz things up and fill you in on our shimmering decor options.
  • Water Based Food Colors
    We’re jumping in to the deep end of the water with this article about water based food coloring.
  • Oil Based Food Colors
    Let’s take a closer look at the variety of fat dispersible color options available from Chef Rubber.
  • Ways Food Powder Colors Can Be Utilized
    We’ve covered cocoa butter, and tackled transfer sheets, now let’s talk powder color.
  • What Are Transfer Sheets? (Pt 2)
    Last week you learned about your transfer sheet options, this week we discuss how to use them!
  • What Are Transfer Sheets? (Pt 1)
    In this article, we shift focus to transfer sheets, and the different options we offer.
  • How To Use Colored Cocoa Butter
    In this article, we shift focus to the most popular methods of using our colored cocoa butter to obtain the perfect finish.
  • Colored Cocoa Butter Collections
    Here’s your perfect primer on the 7 lines of cocoa butter we sell. It’s all the info you need to chose wisely!
  • How To Melt Colored Cocoa Butter
    With so many different ways of tempering and melting down colored cocoa butter, we are here to show you the simple Chef Rubber method!