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Are they edible? 10/04/2021

METALLICS, WHAT ARE THEY? Shiny object syndrome. Have you heard of that? This is the term we like to use when we are easily distracted or led to something that is shiny, new and sparkly. It’s a syndrome that Chef Rubber suffers from, we are constantly distracted by all things shiny, which explains all of our glitter and shimmer options! Metallic colors are a favorite within the food industry for the last few years, and with many new colorant companies coming into production, the burning question everyone has still remains- Are they food safe? 

In our previous blog post we talked about the difference between non-toxic and edible products. If you missed it you can read about it here.

The truth is there are many products being used in the cake and cookie decorating industry that are considered non-toxic. Yes it is true, non toxic products will not kill you if consumed. However as someone who manufactures edible items you are held responsible with the FDA to only use products that are considered edible. If non-toxic colors are being used in items that are being sold to the end consumer, letting them know ahead of time or telling them to remove the decorating items will save you from any potential allergies or concerns that may arise. Nonetheless there are several food safe options to choose from! Starting with real 24k gold and silver products, to luster dusts and cocoa butter colors, that will help you achieve a radiant dessert while keeping it safe.
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EDIBLE GOLD PRODUCTS 24k Gold and Silver Did you know that gold is a noble metal? This means that gold, silver or platinum will resist chemical action. Meaning it will not corrode and is not easily attacked by acids.The purity of the gold must be 23-24 karats, anything above is usually used in jewelry and may contain other metals that can be toxic if consumed. When you do consume edible gold or silver your body will not absorb it during digestion and will pass right through you, making it safe for consumption.

Edible gold and silver decor products can be found in a variety of different forms, depending what your need is. What’s most commonly used are the gold and silver leaf packets. These usually come in a book of 25 sheets in a 3.75 x 3.75″ square size. Loose leaf sheets are mostly used as a whole to completely cover a piece of food, or cake or can be torn in small pieces to apply as a garnish on beverages and desserts.

If using loose leaf is not your jam then we have different tunes! You can find both gold and silver in a FLAKE, and DUST form, that can be applied with fine tip tweezers. If neither of these are speaking to you and want an even easier application, then the fine mist spray may be the answer to your prayers. This fine mist will leave behind a delicate veil of gold or silver to any kind of product.


Using real gold and silver may be too on the bougee side of things for certain applications. Which is why one of the most commonly used products for a metallic finish is using luster powders mixed with an alcohol solution. This type of metallic powder can be used to paint and airbrush on a variety of items like cake, cookies, chocolate, bread, beverages and desserts. The food safe option Chef Rubber makes is the Glimmer Collection, and the non-toxic option available is the Decor Powder collection.

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If you are working with chocolate, our Jewel and Decor lines will offer the most metallic finish. Especially the gold, and silver colors! If you don’t believe us take a peek at videos on Instagram where she beautifully showcases some of our most popular Jewel cocoa butter colors. If you’re wanting to create a quick chocolate accent but don’t need to melt down a whole bottle of cocoa butter, the Color Brix in copper, silver, and gold are the solution to tinting white chocolate in metallic colors.

PS- we suggest painting your mould, or dry brushing luster powders for an even more intense WOW factor. 
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Gold Cocoa Butter + Luster Powder
Gold Cocoa Butter
Jewel Colored Cocoa Butter
Luster Powder + Cocoa Butter

METALLIC FINISHING TOUCHES If you are not looking to color, but want to add fun accents for a finishing touch to your creation, we have metallic colors available in the forms of: We have put together an entire array of edible and non-toxic finishing touches so you don’t have to feel constricted to only a certain number of options. In fact if too many options are making it hard for you to decide, we have real humans by the phone ready to help. So give us a quick call and we will be able to answer any questions and help guide you towards your best options. Fall time is right around the corner, and warm metallic colors help bring in the warmth and beauty that this season in the year brings us.