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FINISHING TOUCHES The sparkle and dazzle your creations need as a finishing touch. Here at Chef Rubber we offer several options of finishing touches for any creation you’re making.
  • Chocolate? We have something for that.
  • Beverages? We have something for that.
  • Pastry? We have something for that too!
From crystal sugars to luster dusts, we offer a full range of glitz and glamour! Today we will be covering the 2 main types of finishing touches available- edible and non-toxic. Keep reading to learn more about the differences, and stay up to date with the safety of the products you are putting on your creations. Let’s jump in!
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EDIBLE AND NON-TOXIC GLITTER Some glitters and dusts are made specifically for food application, and are FDA certified as an edible food product. However there are a lot of products on the market that are being used daily on food products that are only considered non-toxic and not FDA approved as an edible product. As the glitter craze grows, it’s becoming more increasingly common seeing edible glitter being applied not only on cookies and cakes, but in beverages and pastry. There are a few key things you can check to be able to tell the difference between non-toxic and edible.

Check the packaging! This one is one of the easiest ways to check what your product is. Edible food products are required by law to list out the ingredients on the packaging. If there are no ingredients listed on YOUR products you may want to think twice before using on items you are providing to your customer.

Pay attention to the wording. Just because you see the products being used on food doesn’t mean they are edible. Look for wording on labels that read “non-toxic”, or “for decorative purposes only”. These are very clear indicators as to what is in your food.

So is non-toxic safe to consume? While small amounts may not cause any harm you do not want to consume these products on a daily basis. Non-toxic means that while it can’t be digested properly, it won’t cause harm to your body. Kind of like crayons! Just because crayons are non-toxic doesn’t mean you want to go about your day eating crayon shavings. In reality, finishing touch decor products are suggested to be used when making something that will not be consumed like showpieces or display cakes. Chef Rubber currently makes several options in both edible and non-toxic.

The name kinda says it all! This glitter is made out of Gum Arabic, and can usually be found in flake form, making this product a food safe alternative for non-toxic decor glitter, and can be used for cakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream, etc. Because these are made out of gum arabic and starch, any application in a fluid liquid will make them dissolve. You can make your own if you are in a pinch and need a small amount, or save yourself the time and choose from several color options and pack sizes.

Tip: If you want a smaller flake, simply crush them or throw them in a grinder to make a fine glitter.

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Don’t let the shine and sparkle fool you!

CRYSTAL SUGAR Plain crystal sugar is just like plain sugar, however, these sugars have larger crystals, giving them their name. These sugar crystals have been colored with edible sparkling colors to add a touch of glamour. They may also be known and used as sprinkles to top sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes, cakes, chocolates and more. These are also a fun way to rim your glass for a drink, or add color to ice cream cones! They’re safe to eat, and create a striking visual presentation. Choose from 19 different colors, or purchase plain crystal sugar to make your own color and sparkle!
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Glimmer powders are one of our newly added products to the Chef Rubber line. These were inspired by our decor powders, but we wanted to offer you a food safe option. Glimmer powders are very similar to what you may know as luster dusts. These are different in that they will provide a beautiful shimmer and shine without the larger flakes of glitter. These powders can be used a variety of ways: use with a brush to brush on color, mix with flavoring extracts or an alcohol to paint, create your own airbrush color, and mix in to beverages!

Not only do we offer an FDA approved edible glimmer powder, but we took it a step further and created a 100% natural glimmer powder with no FD&C colors used. All colors in this line are all naturally derived from sources like vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.

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Decor Powders have been part of the Chef rubber colorant family for over 15 years! This powder is a true die hard popular product for us.However, these luster powders are non-toxic and like the name says, are meant for decor use only. Mix with alcohol or extracts to be able to paint, or mix with a higher alcohol solution to airbrush with these powders. Suggested uses: chocolate showpiece, display cake, display cookies, baked items. This line is great for photographed pieces!

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Flashy Sparkles are our non-toxic glitter line! The flashies resemble the glitter you may have used in arts and crafts. This line includes 24 opaque glitter colors intended for use as a decor product for showpieces.

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Disco Sparkles are the same as the Flashy line, the only difference is the colors are iridescent rather than opaque. If you want the flash of a disco ball, and an extra oomph of sparkle, this collection is a flawless option to have. Just like Flashy sparkles this line is non-toxic and should be used for decoration purposes only.

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Gold Decor Powders were used to create this show stopping cake display made by cake artists Flora Aghababyan
Flashy sparkles used to add dazzle to display items.
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