My cocoa butter came hard. How do I melt Chef Rubber Colored Cocoa Butter?

To melt Chef Rubber Colored Cocoa Butter place the Cocoa Butter bottle in the microwave and heat in 10 second increments. At the end of each 10 second interval remove from microwave and shake the bottle of colored cocoa butter. WordStr in microwave, continue heating at 10 second intervals and removing, shaking the bottle until some of the colored cocoa butter has melted. Repeat this process for about 1 minute and 30 seconds to melt desired amount. To melt less cocoa butter, heat for less time. For more in-depth information check out our blog entry How To Melt Colored Cocoa Butter.

Can I melt my cocoa butter multiple times?

Chef Rubber colored cocoa butter can be melted multiple times. In order to keep your cocoa butter warm while you work with it, warm it up in the microwave according to the instructions above/ on the side of the label and keep in the cocoa butter warmer.

Why should I overnight my transfer sheets?

Chef Rubber transfer sheets are made from Chef Rubber colored cocoa butter. The thin layer of cocoa butter is heat sensitive and will melt in warm temperatures. During the warmer spring and summer months, we advise that when you order transfer sheets, you select overnight shipping to minimize the time transfer sheets are subjected to the heat. Transfer sheets can be packed with cold packs and in insulated boxes in order to keep them safe from the heat, however the ice packs do melt within a few hours of being placed in the box so overnight shipping is still recommended. Remember, we ship from Las Vegas, NV; so it may be much warmer than your current region.

What colorants should I use to color my fondants?

We recommend using Chef Rubber paste color or color emulsion gel.

What Chef Rubber products are kosher?

Chef Rubber’s colored cocoa butter (Artisan, Jewel & Natural collections), transfer sheets, airbrush colors, liquid sugar color, gel color, powder colors for chocolate and powder colors for sugar are kosher certified. Other Chef Rubber products are not currently certified. If you would like to have a Chef Rubber product certified please contact us at 702-614-9350 and request the product you would like to have certified. Extra costs may be incurred.

Can you ship your products to me?

Chef Rubber ships products worldwide. Whether you are in the jungle in South America, the desert in Africa or on the space station Chef Rubber will get you the product you need.

I signed up for your promotional emails, why haven’t I recieved any?

Your email app might be sending our emails to your Spam folder. If so you’ll need to safe-list Chef Rubber emails. .
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